Welcome to Garbamons

Garbamons – the revolutionary app that allows users to locate and report instances of trash and garbage in their communities and beyond! With this app, you can easily pin the location of trash on a map and share photos or videos of the location with others.

Here's how it works:

  • Take a photo or video of the garbage location and use the app to pin the location on a map to create a garbamon.
  • Other users can view the pinned location and vote on the authenticity of the trash based on the photos and videos provided. This helps to verify that the location is indeed an area that needs cleaning.
  • Users can then organize a cleaning event to tackle the issue. The app makes it easy to coordinate with others, set a date and time, and even invite friends to join in on the effort. You can even save locations for future cleaning events, such as during a trip or vacation.
  • Pin the cleaned locations to boost your ranking and inner morale and sense of accomlishment for helping keep the planet clean and the people healthy

Garbamons not only helps to clean up our communities, but it also serves as a way to raise awareness about the issue of litter and pollution. By pinning locations and sharing them with others, we can bring attention to problem areas and inspire change.